Brennan and Charlene Hartley, Owners and Directors


Robert Ellithorpe
Director of Bands, Brass, Woodwinds; B.M.Ed., Virginia Commonwealth University; M.M., University of Richmond

Emre Kartari
Private and Group Percussion; B.M., Virginia Commonwealth University; M.A. Music, New York University; D.M.A. Yasar University, Turkey

John Conley
Private and Group Guitar, Ukulele, Private Mandolin, Banjo, Piano; B.M., Virginia Commonwealth University

Danah Dargon
Private Voice, Private Piano; B.M., Virginia Union University; M.M., Virginia Commonwealth University

Sally Ellithorpe
Early Childhood Music, Private and Group Piano; B.M.Ed., Virginia Commonwealth University; M.Ed. Virginia Commonwealth University

Nathan Aldhizer
Private and Group Guitar, Ukulele and Piano, Private Banjo, Cello and Violin; B.M., Virginia Commonwealth University

Alicia DeLoach Thompson
Private and Group Voice and Piano; B.M., Valdosta State University; M.M., Georgia State University

Jean Reynolds McEntire
Private and Group Voice and Piano, Early Childhood Music; B.S. in Music Ed, University of Richmond; M.M., Virginia Commonwealth University

Richard Rieger
Woodwinds, Piano, Music Theory, Jazz Improvisation; B.M., Virginia Commonwealth University; M.A. in Music, University of Missouri Kansas City

Alexander Marshall Hill
Brass; B.M.Ed., Tennessee Technological University; M.M., Illinois State University

Samson Trinh
“Uke ‘n’ Roll (r)” Founder and Consultant; B.M., Virginia Commonwealth University


Ivy Haga
Private Bassoon, Private and Group Piano; B.M., Virginia Commonwealth University; M.M., Rutgers University

James Oyan
Private Percussion; B.M., Virginia Commonwealth University

Maureen Hawley
Private Cello, Double Bass, Violin, Guitar, Piano; B.M., James Madison University; M.M., Boston University

James Farmer
Private and Group Guitar & Ukulele, Private Piano, Bass Guitar and Double Bass; B.M., Virginia Commonwealth University

Ayca Kartari
Private and Group Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, String Ensembles, Private Piano; B.M., Dokuz Eylul University State Conservatory, Turkey; M.M., Conservatory of Lausanne, Switzerland; M.M. International Yehudi Menuhin Music Academy, Switzerland

Rachel Velvikis
Private Horn, Trumpet, Piano, Voice; B.M., Mannes School of Music

John Scott
Band Director, Private and Group Brass and Woodwinds, Private Piano; B.A. Music Education, Howard University; M.M., Virginia Commonwealth University

Sonjia Upshaw
Private and Group Voice, Piano; B.A., Music Ed., New Mexico State University

Lane England
Private and Group Piano; B.A., Music Ed., Harding University

Daniel Wingo
Private Piano and Percussion; B.A. in Music, California Institute of the Arts

Virginia Tilley
Private and Group Piano and Voice; B.A. Music, College of William & Mary

Leah Piemonte
Private and Group Piano and Voice; B.M. Music Therapy, Radford University