The GRSM Band Program is a *full year band program which starts the second week of September and culminates with the Spring Concert.
There are a minimum of 30 teaching sessions provided during the academic year, consisting of lessons, rehearsals, school performances and concerts.
Performing with the band is an achievement in itself, but it is also excellent preparation for students who wish to play in High School Marching and Concert Bands. 
Many past students of the GRSM Band Program have gone on to study music and/or play in their College Bands.



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BAND TUITION: $520 total or $58/month (September – May)

$25 One-time Family Registration Fee




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Classes start the week of September 11th with assessments (and instrument recommendations for beginners).

All beginners must have instruments for class the week of September 18th.


(Gr 4 and up)

The Beginning Band is a beginning level group for students who are learning to play a band instrument for the first time. No previous music experience is necessary. Instruction is focused on developing a solid foundation in note reading, tone production, rhythm, articulation, proper posture/hand position, and instrument care and maintenance.  Students also learn basic music theory concepts and ensemble skills, such as balance and blend.   Beginning Band students perform at the Winter and Spring Band Concerts in their very first year.  As a performance date nears, the Beginning Band students from each school join together with the Beginning Band students from the other participating schools and rehearse as a full ensemble.


The Concert Band is an intermediate level group for students who have had 1-3 years of experience playing a band instrument.  In addition to continued development of basic instrumental music foundations, instruction focuses on the finer details of playing in an ensemble. Students in the Concert Band receive instruction on music theory and learn scales to improve technique and expand range.  In addition to performing at the Winter and Spring Concerts, the Concert Band students perform in the Kings Dominion Festival of Music as well as with the Symphonic Band students when they tour at their own school.  As a performance date nears, the Concert Band students from each school join together with the Concert Band students from the other participating schools and rehearse as a full ensemble.


The Symphonic Band is an advanced level group comprised of students who have had 4+ years of experience playing a band instrument or have demonstrated a high level of proficiency on their instrument. Students in the Symphonic Band rehearse and perform high quality music in many styles and genres. Instruction is focused on balance, blend, intonation, dynamics, articulation, phrasing, and accuracy of pitch and rhythm. Students learn all 12 major scales and music theory concepts. In addition to performing at the Winter and Spring Concerts, as well as the Kings Dominion Festival of Music, the Symphonic Band students tour all of the Band Schools in the Spring and perform at each location in an all-day event. They also perform the National Anthem at one of the Flying Squirrels home games.  As a performance date nears, the Symphonic Band students from each school join together with the Concert and Symphonic Band students from the other participating schools and rehearse as a full ensemble.


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The High School Wind Ensemble is the highest level of band within the GRSM Band Program and is comprised of students who have had 5 or more years of experience playing a band instrument, or have demonstrated the level of proficiency on their instrument that would equate such experience. Students in the High School Wind Ensemble will be coached in preparation for potential auditions through a knowledge of all 12 major scales with various exercises based on the scales, including intervals and exercises on thirds etc.  Students will be taught advanced lip slurs for brass, and similar exercises for woodwind instruments, while working on advanced rhythms and sight reading.  Opportunities will be offered for performances as small ensembles, as well as assistance in auditioning for the Greater Richmond Youth Wind Ensemble, Central Virginia Wind Symphony and All District Band.


*Disenrollment from the program may be allowed only after the student has completed the first semester of classes and upon completion of the GRSM Band Program Disenrollment Form signed by the parent/guardian of the student.  This form must be received by GRSM no later than January 7th.  Once it is determined that continuity of the program for the remaining students will not be jeopardized, the registration contract will be terminated at the end of the semester.


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Director of Bands/Band Director – Bob Ellithorpe

 The overall Director of the Greater Richmond Band Program (and Band Director at some of our schools),  is Robert W. (Bob) Ellithorpe who, having attained his B.M.Ed. at VCU and M.M. from University of Richmond, has accrued over 30 years of experience in instruction and band direction at elementary, middle and high school levels in Hanover and environs as well as instructing at VCU, Randolf Macon, University of Richmond, Garwood Whaley, Greater Richmond School of Music and his own private studio. He has guest conducted with numerous bands, and his performance repertoire is very long including 18yrs with the Richmond Symphony. He has also been on a number of adjudication teams and has a long list professional affiliations and recognitions including being listed in the Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers 1996, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006 and more recently was elected to Phi Beta Mu Virginia Band Director’s Hall of Fame-2013.


Band Director – Anthony Burnham

Anthony is a composer, arranger, and educator based in Richmond, Virginia. He holds degrees in instrumental performance (BM, euphonium), music composition (MM), and nonprofit administration (MS). The majority of Anthony’s teaching career has been in higher education. Most recently, he was the Associate Dean of Academic Education at Central Community College in Columbus, Nebraska, where he was the instrumental music instructor prior to his administrative role. Anthony has worked with performers at every educational level and has taught and performed with groups that have toured the United States and Europe. When not teaching, he composes and arranges music for ensembles across the country of all sizes and skill levels and is a member of ASCAP as a composer and publisher.Being new to the area, Anthony is excited to get more acquainted with the music scene in Richmond and work with its music students!

Band Director – Cora Wilson

Cora has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Sacred Music Certificate, a Master of Music Education, received her post-Baccalaureate, and is a licensed music teacher. She is based in Powhatan, Virginia. Cora has worked as a Graduate Assistant for the Old Dominion University Monarch Athletic Bands. She currently works as a private lesson teacher, owns a mental health coaching business, and works as the Director of Children’s and Youth Music Ministry at Mt. Pisgah United Methodist Church. She also started a contemporary worship service at a church while she was doing her bachelor’s degree and still plays her flute for churches in her free time. With GRSM, Cora will be a band director, as well as teaching piano, voice and ukulele all woodwinds, brass, band percussion and orchestra instruments.

For 2023-2024, the band directors are allocated as follows.  Please click on the school name for details, as well as for other music programs offered on different days at each of these schools.

Schedule of Events (2022-2023) – soon to be UPDATED for the current year

Supplemental Instructors

We are pleased to offer the services of any of our other highly qualified Brass, Woodwind and Percussion instructors if at any point our Band Directors’ schedules become filled.  They are also available to provide in-person or online private instruction if you would like at a rate of $30/half hour.

For further information regarding whether this program is currently available in your school, or to find out how your student/school can get involved, please call 804-442-6158 or email us at


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(Please choose Group Class Sign-Up unless you specifically want 30-min private lessons @ $30/half hour)