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GRSM Homeschool Bands

Have a look at our Homeschool Band’s most recent performance when they joined other members of the GRSM Symphonic Band to perform for the residents at St. Joseph Home (Little Sisters of the Poor) in a Special Valentine’s Concert!!  CLICK HERE



The Beginning Band is a beginning level group for students who are learning to play a band instrument for the first time. Instruction is focused on developing a solid foundation in note reading, tone production, rhythm, articulation, proper posture/hand position, and instrument care and maintenance. Students also learn basic music theory concepts and ensemble skills, such as balance and blend.   The minimum age to participate is 9 years old. No previous music experience is necessary.

The Concert Band is an intermediate level group for students who have had 1-3 years of experience playing a band instrument. In addition to continued development of basic instrumental music foundations, instruction focuses on the finer details of playing in an ensemble. Students in the Concert Band receive instruction on music theory and learn scales to improve technique and expand range. 

The Symphonic Band is an advanced level group comprised of students who have had 4+ years of experience playing a band instrument or have demonstrated a high level of proficiency on their instrument.  Students in the Symphonic Band rehearse and perform high quality music in many styles and genres. In rehearsals, instruction is focused on balance, blend, intonation, dynamics, articulation, phrasing, and accuracy of pitch and rhythm. Students learn all 12 major scales and music theory concepts. 

Band Director – Robert W. (Bob) Ellithorpe




GRSM Homeschool Choirs

Viva Voce

Prima Voce (Gr K-5) – NO AUDITION
Prima Voce – ‘Pree-mah ‘Voh-chey (Early Voice), will be comprised of K-5th grade unchanged voices, and is being offered at our Dickey Drive location. (50 minutes)
Crescente Choir (Gr 6-12) – NO AUDITION
The ‘Kree-SHEN-tey Choir (Rising Choir) will be comprised of 6th-12th grade unchanged, changing and changed voices. This choir is being offered at our Dickey Drive Location. (60 minutes)
 Voci Nobili (Gr 9-12) – BY AUDITION ONLY
‘Voh-chee ‘Noh-bee-lee” (Noble Voices) at GRSM’s Mechanicsville location (9109 Dickey Drive), will be comprised of 9th-12th grade changed voices, and is being offered at our Dickey Drive location.  (60 minutes)


Choir Director (Prima Voce) – Jean Reynolds McEntire

Choir Director (Crescente) – Alicia DeLoach Thompson


GRSM Homeschool Chamber Ensembles


Greater Richmond School of Music is pleased to offer a NEW Chamber Music Program that provides an opportunity for musicians to interact in a small ensemble setting for all ages starting from 10 years!
The program will be offered at our Main Location on Dickey Drive and will include all instruments (piano, guitar, strings, woodwinds, brass, voice, percussion).  Participation in the program is determined by an audition, with students placed in groups based on experience and age.  Students will be asked to prepare scales and pieces that represent their ability.


CALL or EMAIL TODAY to book your audition


Chamber Music Director – Ayca Kartari



Group Guitar Class

This course is for beginning guitar students and functions as a general introduction to the guitar. This class will be held shortly after the school day in order to incorporate homeschoolers and along with other students.  Students will learn proper left/right hand techniques, rhythm, musical notation, chords, improvisation, and tuning. Literature will be selected from various genres both for the solo guitar as well as the guitar ensemble. Students must provide their own instrument, and recitals are included in tuition.



Uke ‘n’ Roll (r)

Learn to play classic songs on the ukulele in just a few lessons!!  Play and sing along with your new uke buddies in this fun and energetic class!  Learn the basic concepts of uke history, chords, rhythm, time, Orff arrangements,  improvisation and perhaps, most importantly, reap the benefits of being successful at a new instrument!! (50 minutes)



Group Piano Class

Group Piano LessonsThe Greater Richmond School of Music group piano classes for homeschool students are designed to start beginners in a group setting. These classes are held during the school day. Classes will focus on incorporating good piano keyboard technique along with listening skills, rhythm, relative pitch through singing, consistent practice routines, theory, and history. Emphasis is placed on good habits from the start. Recitals are included in tuition.


Introduction to Strings

Introduction to Violin

The Introduction to Strings course for children ages 6+ is designed to give a basic introduction to the violin, viola and cello.  Students will learn proper left/right hand techniques, anatomy of the instrument, how to produce a sound, and simple musical concepts.  Students would also would work on rhythms and simple songs, in addition to the basic instrument posture/bow hold.   The course would then go on to teach more challenging beginning strings music and expand on concepts and techniques to get the student ready for further group or individual study.   (50mins)



Private Lessons

Open Enrollement

Private lessons provide focused, one-on-one instruction with a master teacher. Weekly private lessons can be scheduled during the school day or afternoon/evening for the convenience of homeschool students and are offered in 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions. Recitals are included in tuition. Intermediate and advanced students are encouraged to pursue additional performance opportunities such as chamber music and competitions.

Private Instruction is offered on the following instruments: Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Voice, Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Recorder, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoon, Percussion and all Brass instruments.  Beginning ages for each instrument varies.