Greater Richmond School of Music presents…


Viva Voce  – ‘Vee-vah ‘Voh-chey (Living Voice) is comprised of three vocal ensembles currently being offered at the Greater Richmond School of Music (GRSM).  Each ensemble will rehearse and perform at least two programs each school year.  The Fall/Winter and Spring programs will take place in the last quarter of each school semester.  There may also be various concerts to be announced throughout the year, including fundraisers, sport and special events.


Children’s Choir

Prima Voce (Gr K-5) – NO AUDITION
Prima Voce – ‘Pree-mah ‘Voh-chey (Early Voice) will be comprised of K-5th grade unchanged voices and will focus on the following areas of study. (50 minutes)


Singing Melodies with Expression
Intonation & Voice Clarity
Tempo and Dynamics
Partner songs
Ear Training
Movable ‘Do’ Solfege
Reading Music & Rhythm
Singing with Confidence and Contributing to an Ensemble
Experiencing Music of Different Cultures
Performing in Front of an Audience


Choir Director

Our Homeschool “Prima Voce” choir director is Jean Reynolds McEntire, who has taught private piano lessons since she was 16 years old.  After getting her B.S. in Music Education degree, she taught public school music classes (K-12) in Texas, Kentucky, and in two cities in Paraguay. In addition, she continued to teach private piano lessons.  As a career missionary in Paraguay for 20 years, she taught piano and voice lessons in her home, in the Ateneo Paraguayo, and in the Seminario Bautista. She organized and directed music camps, choirs (both adult and youth), and handbell choirs.

Upon returning to Virginia in 1991 she enrolled in the graduate music program at VCU where she earned her Master of Music degree with a thesis on training the child’s voice.  She has taught piano, voice, Music for Young Children™, Kindermusik™, Music Fun for Fantastic Kids, and children’s choirs primarily at The Talent Developing Studio, which she owned and directed from 1993-2018.  She has a passion for helping others reach their greatest potential as they develop their talents and share them with others.





Youth Choirs

Crescente Choir (Gr 6-12) – NO AUDITION
The ‘Kree-SHEN-tey Choir (Rising Choir) at GRSM’s Mechanicsville location (9109 Dickey Drive), will be comprised of 6th-12th grade unchanged, changing and changed voices and will focus on the following areas of study. (60 minutes)


Music Literacy
Aural Skills
Voice Technique – Posture, Breath, Intonation, etc.
Identifying Physiological Changes in Voice
Singing with Expression
Singing in Harmony
Ensemble Building
Singing in a Different Language
Performance Etiquette



Choir Director

Our Homeschool “Crescente” choir director is Alicia Thompson, a Voice and Piano instructor who recently moved to Richmond from Atlanta, GA, where she taught at two of the most prestigious music schools for over four years. While in Atlanta, Alicia earned her Masters of Music degree in Voice Performance from Georgia State University. Prior to moving to Atlanta she received her Bachelors of Music from Valdosta State University. While attending college, Alicia earned many scholarships and a Graduate Assistantship. She has performed throughout Georgia as a soloist and has played numerous roles. Alicia is classically trained and teaches all genres, which include opera, musical theatre, jazz, R&B, country and popular music. Alicia loves to teach and was recently awarded Teacher of the Month at Metro Music Makers before she relocated to Richmond. Mrs. Thompson’s goal as a music teacher is to motivate and inspire students to become the best musicians they can be by creating a unique sound, proper technique, a strong work ethic, and a love and appreciation for music that will last their entire lives.




Voci Nobili (Gr 9-12) – BY AUDITION ONLY
‘Voh-chee ‘Noh-bee-lee” (Noble Voices) at GRSM’s Mechanicsville location (9109 Dickey Drive), will be comprised of 9th-12th grade changed voices. (60 minutes)
*This Choir DOES have an audition requirement.  The audition will consist of:
-Singing “American the Beautiful” in a group or solo
-Simple scale pattern recall
-Aural skills test – seeing how well a singer can hold harmony or melody
The audition for this ensemble is not intense.  Students will not be forced to sing by themselves if they are too shy, however it will be encouraged.


This choir will focus on:
Music Literacy
Aural Skills
Vocal Technique – Posture, Breath Management, Resonance, Intonation, Agility, etc.
Singing with Advanced Harmony
Singing A Capella
Solo singing vs Ensemble Singing
Singing in Languages other than English
Performance Etiquette
Analyzing and Evaluating Performances