NOT AVAILABLE in the fall of 2020.  Check back in January 2021

Music for Young Children, an international music education program, blends the pleasure and the joy of music making with sound instruction.  The curriculum of all MYC levels include singing, listening and ear training, movement, keyboard, rhythm ensembles, dictation, and composition.  All concepts are taught using the four learning styles (visual, analytical, tactile, and auditory). Parents enjoy time with their child in class and at home to encourage a “happy habit” of learning music. 


Sunshine 1 is for 3 to 4-year-old beginners.  Students experience movement through beats and rhythms and develop fine motor skills with rhythm instrument ensemble playing.  Children learn the geography of the piano and note-reading through MYC Critters (50 mins).

Sunbeams 1 is for 5-6 year old beginners.  Students learn piano geography and rhythms through MYC Critters on a “big kid” level.  They learn to play and harmonize with partial chords in C major, a minor, and G major (50 mins).  

Moonbeams 1, for 7-9 year old beginners, is designed to support the students’ growing sense of independence.  Reading music becomes the primary focus with songs, ensembles, and keyboard repertoire that incorporate early piano literature, folk songs, technique, and harmonization (60 mins).


Classes will be held at GRSM Main Location at 9109 Dickey Drive, Mechanicsville Va 23116.


There is also a Materials and Supply Fee of $160 payable to MYC due with registration.  This fee includes registration in an international curriculum to recognize advancement in the MYC program (separate from the GRSM one-time family Registration Fee of $25), student manuals, a student activities book, and materials for manipulatives made by the teacher.