Read School Policies

    1. A down payment of $60 per student ($40 for group students) is required at the time of registration in order to begin the scheduling process. This amount will be applied to the first month’s tuition, the remainder of which will be due on the date that the student’s lesson schedule is announced. Also due on that date is the one-time new-family registration fee of $25 (where applicable). If a lesson cannot be scheduled based on the provided availability, the downpayment will be refunded.
    2. Accepted forms of payment for tuition are valid credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex) and checks. (Cash may be used for full-term payments or nominal amounts.) To participate in the monthly payment plan, you must provide a valid credit card or drop off/mail checks by the first lesson/class of each month. GRSM will assess a returned check fee of $25 and a late payment fee of $25 if monthly payments are not received by the 15th of any given month. Credit cards will be charged at the beginning of each month.
    3. Other than piano and drum set, GRSM does not provide instruments for lessons, and the student must bring their instrument for the lesson each week.  If a student needs advice on rental or purchase, please contact GRSM admin. Each student should also have an instrument to practice on daily between lessons.
    4. Although in general it is not required that a parent attend lessons with their child, there may be circumstances which could cause this to be necessary. GRSM requests that the responsible party for each child take into account the request of the school and/or the instructor if this is deemed to be the case.
    5. GRSM does not provide before or after care for students and is not responsible for students outside of their lesson/class time. Please drop off and pick up your child promptly for their lesson/class. Late pick up will result in a charge of $1 per minute that a child is collected after the end of the scheduled lesson/class. At external locations, children registered for their schools’ after care program will go directly there after their music lesson/class.
    6. The Director reserves the right to cancel any group classes containing less than the prescribed minimum number of students enrolled by the close of registration of each session.
    7. If a teacher must be absent from a lesson/class, the lesson/class will be taught by a substitute approved by GRSM or a make-up lesson/class will be scheduled before the end of the current session. In extenuating circumstances, where neither of the aforementioned is possible, and with the approval of the administration, a refund in the amount of the lesson/class will be given to the student.
    8. Due to the complexity of the faculty and studio scheduling, the school has a no cancellation policy and teachers are not required to do make-ups if a student misses a scheduled lesson or group class. It is important to keep your lesson and class time a priority. Any make-ups or rescheduling in such a case will be at the sole discretion of the individual teacher and will be held before the end of the current session. If a student must be absent from a private lesson, payment for the lesson will still be required. There are no make-ups for group classes. Teachers can mail or email assignments to students so they do not get behind. If a student must be absent from a group class, payment for the class will still be required.
    9. In the case of inclement weather, if you are uncertain whether your lesson/class will be held or not, please contact your instructor. GRSM Dickey Drive location does not follow city or county school closures, and the decision is made by each instructor. If a lesson/class is cancelled due to inclement weather, make-ups will follow Policy #5 above. At all other locations, GRSM follows the closure decision of the particular location, and lessons will be offered online at their regular time if closed.
    10. GRSM highly encourages students to finish an entire session (duration of the lessons/classes). Students may discontinue a group class or camp before the end of a session; however, they are responsible for the fees for the entire session. Any fees paid for group classes/camps are non-refundable once the class/camp is confirmed. Students studying private lessons must give a written notice of cancellation (or request for any change in lesson) by the 7th of any given month, and the change will be effective the following month. Tuition will be charged for the month of cancellation but will discontinue the following month.
    11. Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior. Please ensure they respect the instruments as well as those around them at all GRSM locations.
    12. The Responsible Party (and all students listed on this agreement) hereby allows use of any photographs and/or videos taken of students during any GRSM activity for publicity use by GRSM. Names will not accompany photographs and/or videos without additional permission.
    13. The Responsible Party (and all students listed on this agreement) hereby agrees to indemnify GRSM and hold and save GRSM harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, liabilities, demands, loss, damages or expenses of whatever kind or nature, including attorney’s fees, which may at any time be incurred by reason of participation in any activity at GRSM, or sponsored by GRSM at a separate location.