The Greater Richmond School of Music offers private piano lessons as well as beginning group piano classes.

Private piano lessons offer focused, individualized instruction given by a master teacher and serve to further develop the students’ piano technique and repertoire.

The beginning group piano classes are designed to start beginners in a group setting for two years (or four terms). After these important four terms, the student is ready to ‘graduate’ into private piano lessons. Beginning piano students may opt to take private lessons, but are encouraged to start in a group setting.

Private Piano Lessons

Private piano lessons (30, 45, or 60 minutes) are offered at the Greater Richmond School of Music. Lessons are available to all ages and levels, although beginning piano students are strongly encouraged to start in group lessons. Recitals are included in tuition. Materials are extra based on the needs of each student.

Group Piano

Group Piano LessonsClasses are organized according to age and/or level. Parental attendance may be requested for the Young Musician class. Recitals are held at the end of each term.

Young Musician(ages 5-6)
This fun, fast paced class jumps from one activity to another to adapt to your young child’s attention span. Concepts covered include: proper piano technique/posture, note reading, rhythm exercises, theory, singing (with solfege syllables), history, games, listening, movement, and playing with expression. Starting young, children can carry the gift of music with them for a lifetime! The term recital is included in tuition. Parental attendance may be requested. (30 minutes)

Keyboard Musician(ages 7-9)
The Keyboard Musician class is a perfect musical start for your school aged child. Classes move very quickly into reading and comprehending music, based on each child’s ability. Concepts covered include: early note reading, singing (with solfege syllables), rhythms, pattern and concept finding, proper piano technique/posture, how to practice, theory, history, listening, games, movement, and playing with expression. The term recital is included in tuition. (50 minutes)

Young at Heart Piano and SENIOR Young at Heart Piano(ages 18+)
Young at Heart Piano is a beginning group piano class for adults. Senior Young at Heart Piano is specially designed for our senior friends. If you have always wanted to learn to play the piano, now is your chance! Core piano playing concepts such as proper piano technique/posture, theory, and playing with expression are learned in a group, social setting, making the process rewarding and enjoyable. The term recital is optional and included in tuition. (50 minutes)