Testimonials from our Families

“My son started with group piano lessons at age 6, then continued with private lessons. The GRSM staff are not only gifted teachers, but also warm and friendly. Highly recommended!”

Terri M.

“This fall we will be starting our 4th year of music lessons at GRSM. We have been impressed with the quality of instruction and pleased with the progress our children are making. Highly recommend!”

Sarah M.

“My daughter is in her second year of lessons at this school (6th overall) and we have had two wonderful instructors. Her violin playing is now fairly advanced, but her instructors continue to push her to be better! We are very happy with GRSM.”

Kate F. 

“My daughter has taken Summer Jam Camp, Bass and Violin lessons here and LOVES it. Her instructor matches the lesson to the tone of my daughters learning ability and we move as fast or slow as needed. We have switched to on line lessons due to Covid recently and have not missed a beat! It’s positively amazing to watch her love of music grow. Thank you GRSM!”

Dana A.

“My son is taking guitar lessons at GRSM and is having a great time. What I like best is that his instructor is personalizing the lessons for my son. The guitar we’re using needed new strings and his instructor put the strings on the next lesson for us. At another lesson, my son mentioned that the song he was practicing was kind of boring. So they talked about what my son liked, listened to a few country songs, & his instructor wrote down the notes to one of the songs. This is even better than I thought it’d be!”

Audra R.

“GRSM has been an outstanding program for my son who started private Ukulele lessons two years ago. There are just not enough positive words to say how awesome the connection with his instructor has been. My ten year old can play things such as “here comes the sun” and toto’s “Africa” as well as some of the Star Wars music. Not only learning to read music but appreciate different genres. Two of my other children signed up for six lessons this summer to see if the interest was going to be long term on the guitar. I am so pleased. My daughter has learned my favorite Jason Aldean song, “Fly over States” on an acoustic guitar and my oldest son has learned a bit on the electric guitar…both look forward to broadening their learning. I have met several other music teachers in GRSM, and as a person who took music, I am extremely impressed with their resumes and love of teaching music. The owners really work with you to schedule something convenient. I would highly recommend GRSM!”

Crystal L.

“My two daughters have participated in the GRSM Concert and Symphonic Band program for 5 years. The instruction is top notch and the kids have so much fun, learning to play, but also learning to LOVE making music together. They take weekly lessons and come together at the end of the semester for a concert. We are so blessed to have GRSM!”

Jennifer J.


“GRSM provided the best music learning experience ever. All the paperwork and payments were taken care of up front, and away from important lesson time. Schedules were well organized, and certainly flexible enough for me. Organizing the year around the school semesters, and using schools for the lessons, were both new to me, but very welcomed indeed. Young and old alike clearly benefit from the GRSM approach to music education!”

Larry M.

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