The Greater Richmond School of Music (GRSM) will provide music instruction through private lessons and group classes at Chesterfield Christian Academy on Mondays (private), Wednesdays (private) and Thursdays (private and group) for the 2023-2024 school year. Instruction for private study will be available for piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, cello and banjo.  Group classes will be available as listed in the CCA Class Schedule and Class Descriptions in various areas of study. Registration for Group Classes will be handled through CCA.

Registration PRIVATE LESSONS should be completed no later than August 1st. Tuition is payable to GRSM in full up front or in equal monthly payments.  There is a one-time GRSM Family Registration Fee of $25 for Private Lessons.  Please call GRSM at 804-442-6158 or email us at if you have any questions.

Private lessons will follow the CCA 2023-2024 Calendar.

Private Lesson Enrollment is open, (and tuition is prorated) year round.

Lesson schedule will be emailed the week before each student’s first lesson.

Private Lessons

GRSMPrivate lessons provide focused, one-on-one instruction with a master teacher. Instruction for private study will be available for piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, cello, and banjo.  Lessons are scheduled weekly during the school year and are offered in 30, 45, or 60 minute intervals. Recitals are included in tuition and will be held at the end of each semester for all registered students who are interested.

Tuition: $30/half hour, $45/three-quarter hour, $60/hour

Private Instruction is offered at Chesterfield Christian Academy at various times on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 8:10am-2:30pm.  Beginning ages for each instrument varies.

Students, Parents and Teachers are welcome!


CLICK HERE for ONLINE Registration for 2023-2024 (PRIVATE LESSONS)


Group classes

Group classes will be available as listed in the CCA Class Schedule and Class Descriptions in various areas of study. Registration for Group Classes will be handled through CCA.



Gr 3-6 Music – Keyboard Musician ONLY (Level 2 & 3) – FEW SPOTS REMAINING

Day/Time: Thursdays 8:10-9:10am

Description: This full-year course is designed for students who have completed the Level 1 class (or have had at least 4 months of keyboard experience and with clearance from GRSM). A pro-rated tuition is available if you wish to register for only one semester – please contact GRSM for details.

Teacher: Nathan Aldhizer

Semester 1:  Keyboard Musician (Level 2)
Level 2 will pick up right where Level 1 left off.  We will improve on our note reading and play more complex rhythms and songs.  We will also cover playing chords and harmony in the left hand while playing melodies in the right.  Proper piano technique/posture continues to be an emphasis, as well as reminders on how to practice and to play with expression. Music theory, history, listening, games and movement are all incorporated to keep the learning full and enjoyable.

Semester 2:  Keyboard Musician (Level 3)
Level 3 will pick up right where Level 2 left off, and all aspects of learning already introduced will be expanded on.  Music reading increases in this class as well as the variety and complexity of the pieces that will be introduced.  Musicality becomes even more important at this stage as students begin to be more aware of musical notation and its meaning, and how that translates into “how” a piece of music is played.  New musical terms are introduced and students become more confident with their performances.

NOTE: Keyboards are provided for in-class use, but each child should have access to a basic 61 key keyboard (or larger/piano) for practice between lessons.​

Required Text(s):Faber Piano Adventures Level One – Lesson Book (possibly Level Two for the semester)
Supply Fee:  $30 (payable to GRSM)
Tuition Fee:  ​$375 per year/$37.50 per month



Day/Time: Thursdays 11:50am – 12:50pm

Description:  The GRSM Jam Band program is designed for students to play together in contemporary bands. Bands can be formed with any number of different instruments but ideally, bands will feature guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and vocals/horns (instrumental groups are also fine.) The basic repertoire will feature (morally based) contemporary music drawing from rock, blues, pop, funk and folk music. Each group will have the freedom to pick a repertoire and suggest songs. Groups will also be encouraged to write music, and instructors will provide simple steps to facilitate composition. Bands will choose a name and work towards performing in public, learning performance skills along the way.

The Jam Band program at Chesterfield Christian Academy is open to children in Grades 6-12 who have taken at least 1 full year of lessons on their instrument. Students are encouraged to sign up with their friends and sibling(s).

Teacher:  Nathan Aldhizer

Supplies: Students must provide their own instrument, or rent one from GRSM for the duration of the class.
Required Text(s): TBD
Supply Fee:  $30 (payable to GRSM)Tuition Fee:  ​$400 per year/$40 per month


Gr 3-6 Music (Level 1)AVAILABLE NOW for Private/Semi-Private lessons


Day/Time: Thursdays 10:20-10:50 and 10:50-11:20am (Register with GRSM)


MS/HS Uke and Guitar (Level 1) – SWITCHED to Private Lessons

Day/Time: Thursdays 9:15-10:15am


MS/HS Uke and Guitar (Level 2) – AVAILABLE NOW for Private/Semi-Private lessons

Day/Time: Thursdays 2:00-3:00pm (Register with GRSM)